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The Juho Vainio Foundation awards grants for scientific research and activities that promote public health and healthy lifestyles,  especially health promoting physical activities and nutrition, prevention of health hazards caused by smoking and the use of alcohol and other intoxicants, as well as the promotion of mental health and environmental health (including prevention of health hazards caused by buildings). For the grants that will be awarded for the year 2020 special focus will be on the research of projects focusing on children’s health behaviour and health effects later in life.
The grants that the Foundation awards are personal grants, post-doc researcher grants, projects grants to research/working groups and grants for health promotion activities. The Foundation also awards one or more large grants for the year 2020. The purpose of a large grant is to support a significant and comprehensive research project or a health promotion project that lasts for one or more years. If he/she wishes, the recipient of a large grant may also apply for a one-year project grant in the same application round in case no large grant is awarded.
Grants will not be awarded to legal persons such as associations, organisations, or other societies. The grants are not awarded for Barchelor's or Master's theses, either. 
An application for an ongoing research or other project for which the applicant has already received a grant from the Juho Vainio Foundation is considered a continuation application, and the applicant should attach a progress report on the project to the application. The progress report is the prerequisite for further funding.
If the applicant has received a grant from the Juho Vainio Foundation for a research or other project before, he/she must submit the final report on the previous project or a progress report on the ongoing project to the Foundation before the new application can be considered.
The application period of all the Juho Vainio Foundation grants for 2020 is 1 – 30 September 2019. The application period ends at 23.59 on Monday, 30 September 2019.
The grant application instructions can be found on the Foundation’s website at
The application must be submitted through the grant system, which can be found on the Foundation’s website. The application or a part of it can be written in English. A completed application form and its appendices must be sent electronically to the Foundation for transfer into the grant system. Don't send the printed version of the application to the Foundation as previous years.
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Do you want to register as a grant applicant, fill in the payment schedule, send a grant-related message to the foundation or submit a progress or final report for your grant? You can register here.

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